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Become a Healthy Lifestyle Coach and make a difference to people’s lives.

If you are a personal trainer, health practitioner, life coach or simply have a desire to help people, then this course will give you the skills to share this life changing system with others. Earn a living inspiring and supporting people to achieve their goals.

Already coaching? This coaching course will show you how to fast track your clients to achieve their goals.

You'll discover

  1. How to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself and others.
  2. Coaching techniques to build rapport and create positive transformation in people.
  3. How to access your intuition to become a powerful coach.
  4. Discover the keys to increase confidence and self-awareness in others.
  5. How thought processes attract or repel the achievement of goals.
  6. Create the motivation to achieve your goals so that you lead by example.
  7. Receive 12 months of coaching support to build your business.
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