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  • Interview on the Today Show with Julie Rennie

    February 25, 2011
    Julie Rennie

    What a fantastic experience to be interviewed on the Today Show by Carl and Lisa. This was my television debut. I had three minutes to share the secrets of speeding up your metabolism to lose weight easily. I was a little tongue tied as it is so important to me to reach people and help them with their weight loss challenges. Even though I fumbled to find the right words somehow my message got through. I have been inspired by the huge number of responses I have received from people who watched the show. What you will find in my book is the inspiration to overcome bad habits and simple, easy ways to speed up your metabolism without the need to do heavy exercise. You will also learn how to set up a healthy kitchen which is the foundation to creating a healthy lifestyle. Thank you to all the people who have shared their challenges with me…you inspire me to keep getting my message out there. Being healthy is natural, easier than you think and you can have fun with it. Please help me to spread this message so that we have a healthy nation.

    Anyone can do this…you just have to take the first step

    Start by reading my book which is available in all good bookstores

    Posted by Julie Rennie


    • julierennie May 21 2013

      Hi Jodi,
      nice to hear from you. The first thing about The Metabolic Clock is that it is a lifestyle, so you do have to tweet it to suit your lifestyle. You already have many of the important concepts handled. If your husband would like a sandwich mid-afternoon then try it. When it comes to weight loss the most important aspect is to eat carbs during the day, rather than at night. This is a little strange for most people and can take a couple of weeks to get used to. Also choose a good quality grain bread. White bread is empty calories and raises blood sugar levels quickly, then drops quickly leaving you feeling flat. All the best
      Stay in touch

    • jodi Axford May 21 2013

      Hi Julie
      This is my blogging debut, hope it finds you! My husband Shane and our 2 young sons live on a 50,000 acre sheep property in CW QLD. We’ve been going we’ll on the metabolic clock guidelines for a week now. My question is this; Shane works physically hard all day and he said he is running out of energy in the afternoons. We’ve been having big salads/meat and pasta or bread for lunch, he doesn’t come in until about 1. We are in bed by 9.45 and up at 5.30 always a cooked breakfast. He has a coffee at afternoon tea and usually some nuts and a smoothie + piece of fruit. We also use Neways (this is where I found your book) What extra things can I give him from lunch time onwards (I think he’d like a sandwich at afternoon tea!) He is 40yo, 6’5″, 103kg (has a total of 3 coffees a day)
      Many thanks

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