Alicia Cass



Alicia is an expert in assisting people in developing a healthier and happier work/life balance by providing the necessary support and motivation to achieving their goals. As an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach she is passionate about a proactive approach towards health and wellbeing. She believes that prevention is better than cure.

Alicia’s passion is to implement the healthy life plan into the lives of those who find it a challenge to develop and maintain a healthy balance. With over four years of working in the mining industry and having travelled extensively, she understands the implications that fatigue from long hours of shift work, and long periods of isolation from family and friends, can have on an individual’s overall health.

A message from Alicia Cass

Since living my life based on the principles of The Metabolic Clock I feel fantastic and love to motivate and inspire others to live their life with more balance and energy. I am excited to assist you in creating a positive change today.

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