Bri Bateup



Bri’s passion for health, balance and wellness stems from her background in tennis: playing at an elite level as a junior and young adult. Bri has studied Exercise and Sports Science at Deakin University and is an accredited Personal Trainer and Cardio Tennis Coach. Most of the time improving your lifestyle involves taking you outside your comfort zone into territory that may often be quite challenging and intimidating. Bri’s calm, gentle, loving nature can help you step through these challenges with ease as she encourages you to create life-fulfilling and long-lasting change.

A message from Bri Bateup

As your Healthy Lifestyle coach I will be a constant source of inspiration, knowledge and support through the journey of achieving your goals. My passion is to empower women, in particular young mothers who spend the majority of their time nurturing their family and sometimes forget to nurture themselves. My training, and coaching focuses on a holistic and individualised approach to health and fitness. I realize that no two people are the same and a person’s mind, body and spirit need to be aligned for health and balance to be achieved. I look forward to supporting you to create your Healthy Life Plan.

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