Carolin Buchanan

Suburb:Lower Templestowe


Carolin Buchanan is the founder of Dare To Be Magnificent. A Human Behaviour Coach who inspires women of all ages to be the best they can be, Carolin overcame a life-threatening stroke at age 46 and rebuilt her entire life from the ground-up. Today, Carolin is dedicated to coaching women to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle through nurturing love for themselves and developing self-esteem. Carolin’s greatest meaning is in helping women to design and live their dream.

A message from Carolin Buchanan

My mission is to help people to be the best they can be even through adversity. There are so many synchronicities in life, and every challenge is a chance to shine. Having had a passion for health and fitness throughout my life, I continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle even now and I want to share these passions with everyone. I love the connection and the feeling that I have when I really help someone to live the life they love. Lighting up people’s lives, lights up my own heart and I look forward to helping you to shine.

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