Michelle Agostini



Michelle is dedicated to educating people on the value of good health practices and is passionate about assisting people to be more proactive in their health & fitness. As well as having her Certificate 3&4 in Fitness, Michelle is a certified Pilates Instructor and children’s yoga teacher. She owns her own boutique style fitness studio - Body Vision Health & Fitness in Bulleen, and prides herself on giving her clients that personal and holistic approach to their health and fitness needs. Michelle is a certified Raw Food Teacher and teaches regular workshops, inspiring others to add raw, living food to their day.

A message from Michelle Agostini

I am inspired by people who identify a need to make changes in their life, and go out and do it! I love seeing my clients get results and enjoy seeing their enthusiasm for life spark up because of reaching their goals. I am excited to have the opportunity to coach people in The Healthy Life Plan because I strongly believe in its value for creating a more balanced lifestyle. I have experienced this is my own life by following the simple principles of The Metabolic Clock. You will feel empowered in mind, body and spirit as you see the benefits for yourself. I look forward to working closely with you and being part of the exciting changes that will occur in your life.

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