Reece Milne

Suburb:Mount Gambier
State:South Australia


Reece is a personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge in all fields of health, fitness and nutrition. Reece takes a natural approach to health and fitness to help others achieve what he has achieved, a balanced and sustainable lifestyle conducive to good health and inner peace.

A message from Reece Milne

I see myself as a true result of the Metabolic Clock Healthy Life Plan. I am a truth seeker and in my search for the truth behind sustainable health and well being I came across The Metabolic Clock books and The Healthy Life Plan course, which cover all aspects of health and well being, from the nutrition and metabolic cycle to the mental and emotional habits that hold us back. Sustainable health and happiness is a lifestyle that encompasses all of these areas and I am very proud to be a part of the team to help others facilitate a positive lifestyle change through the step-by-step guide that The Healthy Life Plan provides.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping to guide you on your way to a sustainable happier, healthier and much more energetic lifestyle.

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