Sarah Hawthorne

State:Victoria and San Francisco (USA)


As a Certified Nutrition and Health Coach, Sarah focuses on working one on one with her clients, ensuring they get the attention they deserve through personalized coaching. Her belief is that everyone is unique, and when it comes to The Healthy Life Plan, his or her individual qualities are treasured. Sarah believes that balance is the key to sustainable health and wellness. By keeping it simple, making activities enjoyable and embracing change one-step at a time, her clients achieve and maintain life-enhancing results.


A message from Sarah Hawthorne

“Remember this is your life and your time is now.” As your personal coach I am here to inspire you to achieve your biggest goals. I will guide you on your exciting journey to create a Healthy Life Plan that allows you to shine. Once you have completed the 6-week program with me as your dedicated supporter, you will feel empowered to look after yourself and live each day to the fullest.


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