Inspire & Energise Your Workplace for Improved Teamwork & Greater Productivity

Imagine being able to create high levels of energy and focus in your employees. What if you could reduce absenteeism with less sickness and increase balance in the workplace? How would this improve your organisation?

The Healthy Life Plan educates and enables your staff to lead inspired lives and energised days. This has a direct impact on your organisation's success. Clients often tell us they see improved customer service, better teamwork, improved productivity and just a better feeling around the workplace.

When we are in balance we are at our best.

Nature is made up of rhythms and cycles; there is sunrise, sunset, the four seasons and the 24-hour rotation of the earth. Scientific research has revealed that our bodies also have natural cycles that control and manage appetite, energy, mood and sleep. These are called circadian rhythms, also known as your body clock or metabolic clock.

Modern living and lifestyle patterns have dramatically altered our ability to respond to nature’s cues. For example, many people no longer get enough good sleep. They also skip meals and eat on the run. When our body clock, or metabolic clock, is out of balance with nature’s cycles, nothing seems to feel right. This is because the hormones, chemicals and neurotransmitters that determine our mood, how we sleep and our appetite get out of balance.

Get your balance back and be more productive.

Introducing the Healthy Life Plan that covers nearly everything you need to know about creating a healthy and balanced daily routine that will motivate and energise employees. When your metabolic clock is in balance with nature’s rhythms, your metabolism speeds up. This enables you to burn body fat easily, have lots of energy, sleep well and naturally feel balanced and healthy.

The Healthy Life Plan is a six-week online course that your staff can complete in the comfort of their own homes. Empower your people to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle and watch this new vitality spread throughout the organisation.

Sometimes, simple is best.

What we have experienced is that one healthy and happy person inspires the people around them, even if they have no leadership skills. This course will guide your employees to create a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It’s almost impossible to achieve this in a single day of training, and that is why it is presented as a six-week online course.

This course guides the individual to make the necessary changes to their thinking, their environment and their eating habits. It gives them better ways of handling stress and their emotions. They also gain a better appreciation for healthy exercise. What’s more is that they do this in the privacy and comfort of their own homes and in their own time. You do not have to take time from the workday to complete this program.

If you provide your employees with access to this course, you are essentially giving them the gift of health and wellbeing and showing them that you care about them. What you will receive in return are happy, inspired people in your organisation.

Consider the following:

“Poor employee health and absenteeism is costing Australian business $7billion annually. — Medibank Private
The cost of obesity to Australian businesses for sick leave, lost productivity and presenteeism is estimated at millions. — Journal of Health
Healthy employees are nearly three times more productive than unhealthy employees. — Medibank Private

Other benefits include:

  1. Your employees will learn tools to be more organised in all parts of their life.
  2. They will be more confident as they achieve satisfying personal goals.
  3. They will have a balanced daily routine for maximum results to their health and wellbeing.
  4. They will learn how to create the motivation for positive change.
  5. You can use this course as a team-building exercise.
  6. Your people will come to work with a positive outlook.

How the Healthy Life Plan Works for Corporates

The First Way
You can purchase any number of these for your staff. The cost of the course is $295 per person. For six weeks, each participant will receive via weekly email:
  1. A video lessen for creating a healthy lifestyle
  2. Downloadable pages to create their Healthy Life Plan journal
  3. An mp3 audio download of interesting, health-related information to listen to
  4. Member access to The Metabolic Clock recipes and meal planner
  5. A 15-minute phone call from one of our lifestyle coaches to check on their progress

    Bonus Offers
    1. 1. Purchase the course for 25 people or more and receive a
      copy of the bestselling book, The Metabolic Clock, for all participants.
    2. 2. Purchase the course for 50 people or more and receive the bonus books. Also, Julie Rennie will kick start the course with a complimentary keynote presentation. (Travel expenses may be extra.)
    Clearly, the Healthy Life Plan offers tremendous benefits for you, your organisation and your employees. This can be one of the most effective forces for positive change a firm or corporation can make.
The Second Way
We recommend adding additional training with a breakfast meeting each week for six weeks to build team morale. This can net greater results.

Each participant will complete the online course and participate in the breakfast meeting with one of our trained coaches as the facilitator. A facilitator can manage up to 25 people per breakfast meeting. Please enquire in the caption below for the additional fees to provide these team-building meetings.
Client comment
I just attended the Metabolic Clock event and I feel compelled to express my sincerest thanks to Julie Rennie for delivering it in a way that absolutely captured my mind and soul. This was not just another one of those “inspirational workshops”, there was an energy in the room that was real and I am truly inspired to live my life according to the Metabolic Clock. I cannot wait to use this tool to tap into the energy of our universe to enrich my life. What a natural way to live! I left this workshop with a smile on my face and a soul that had been woken!
— Cassie, WorkSafe Vic
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