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Do you often obsess over your weight and wonder how you will find the motivation to do something about it? Are you always struggling against life, and no matter how positive you try to be, you feel unfulfilled and give up easily? Do you find that you emotionally fill up on food or alcohol then feel guilty and worry about your health?

If you said yes to any of the above, here’s some exciting news: We are going to show you how you can turn things around and create a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle! Look good and feel great without starving. Why go through the trouble of going on a diet only to revert back to the lifestyle that wasn’t working for you? If you think you have heard it all before, you haven’t. Discover how to escape the diet loop with the formula for lasting weight loss.

How would you feel if you knew exactly what to do to finally shed unwanted body fat and keep it off? Imagine being able to throw away all the diets and achieve the healthy, slim body that you desire. Wouldn’t that be great?

Or what if you could feel so motivated, so healthy and energised that it actually seems as if you have an extra hour of time each day? How would that change your life? It truly is possible, but you need to know how. Instead of rushing into a new, trendy diet, give yourself the gift of time and create your Healthy Life Plan. If you want to enjoy your body, like yourself more and feel energised and inspired about your life, I invite you to join us for this six-week course and create your Healthy Life Plan. You will gain massive momentum for being healthier and happier.

We support you to make healthy lifestyle changes.

This six-week course has simple strategies to get organized and create healthy daily practices. It includes powerful motivation techniques that make it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also give you a complete eating plan that shows you what to eat and when in order to speed up your metabolism for easy weight loss and improved health.
We teach you new skills that support a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Learn how to create a balanced daily routine.
  2. Learn how to set up a healthy kitchen.
  3. Learn how to cook healthy, nourishing meals.
  4. Learn how to create meal plans and shopping lists.
  5. Learn the skill of ‘chunking’ to overcome procrastination.

Create healthy, empowering beliefs and behaviours.

  1. Identify and change the beliefs that are holding you back.
  2. Create compelling reasons to change your lifestyle.
  3. Learn how to interrupt bad habit patterns.
  4. Use a ‘21-Day Lifestyle Challenge’ to create healthy new behaviours.

Create a supportive environment.
  1. Clean out your cupboards.
  2. Get rid of clutter.
  3. Make lists of things to do that you have been procrastinating about.
  4. Create a plan of action and get organised.

Change how you see yourself.
  1. Create the identity of a healthy and confident person.
  2. Create satisfying goals.
  3. Learn how to create a positive, empowering self-image.

This course is about re-organizing yourself to create a healthy lifestyle. During this six-week journey

You will re-organise:
  1. Your thinking
  2. Your daily routine
  3. Your pantry and wardrobe
  4. What you eat and when
  5. Your attitude towards exercise
  6. Your perspectives about your health and self-image
You will also let go of:
  1. Harmful patterns
  2. Emotional weight
  3. Disapproving thoughts
  4. Excess clutter

It gets better! To support and help you to get the most out of this program, you will have your own personal coach for free. At no extra cost, I will provide you with a 15-minute phone call with one of my supportive coaches each week of the program. To get the most from your coaching call, we suggest that you do the lesson each week before you speak to your coach. If you enjoy the coaching, you are welcome to pay for extra time and counselling.

How it Works

Each week, for six weeks, you will receive via email:
  1. A video lesson
  2. Downloadable pages to create your Healthy Life Plan journal
  3. An mp3 audio download to listen to
  4. Member access to the Metabolic Clock recipes and meal planner
  5. A phone call from your Lifestyle Coach

Video Lessons for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Week 1 - How to create compelling goals and get started
Week 2 - How to create the thinking that matches your goals
Week 3 - How to get your life organised and balanced
Week 4 - How to set up a healthy kitchen
Week 5 - How to drop your emotional weight and instantly feel lighter
Week 6 - How to love and nurture yourself, making healthy choices easier

Create your Healthy Life Plan Journal

Week 1 - Planning forms to create compelling goals and get started
Week 2 - Forms that assist you in getting rid of thinking patterns
that sabotage your deepest desires
Week 3 - Forms that help you to plan and get organised
Week 4 - Create meal plans and shopping lists that will save you time and money
Week 5 - Forms to help you with overwhelming emotions
Week 6 - Create supportive agreements that keep you committed to your goals

Feed your mind with interesting health and wellbeing information

  • Week 1
  • What to do to start your day right
  • How to kick start your metabolism
  • Week 2
  • Six daily practices to revitalize your digestive system
  • Simple detox ideas
  • Discover why raw food boosts your metabolism
  • How to balance all activities in your day
  • Week 3
  • Create a new perspective about exercise
  • Why it is so important to have time to yourself
  • How to prepare for a great night’s sleep
  • Week 4
  • How to make healthy food choices
  • Natural activities that feed your life force and energise you
  • Week 5
  • A simple formula for lasting weight loss
  • How to get in sync with your partner and share a healthy daily routine
  • Week 6
  • Is illness a result of unhappiness?
  • Can love really heal?

Create a recipe journal with your favourite recipes and meal plans

Use the online meal planner to select your favourite recipes and create your recipe journal. Create meal plans and shopping lists that make preparing healthy delicious meals easy and fun. All the meals are sorted for the right time of day to eat them, so all the guesswork is done for you!


Feel supported with your personal lifestyle coach.

You can select a coach from our directory of experienced coaches, or we will select one that is closest to you. Your coach will call you each week to check on your progress and offer guidance. Our coaches will help you to creatively apply tools and techniques in order to uncover the thinking patterns or habits that may be holding you back. You will feel inspired and motivated to achieve your chosen outcomes. Being accountable to someone who understands and supports your goals will help to keep you on track and on your way to a healthier, happier life!


Create a balanced approach to losing weight, being healthy and make it last a lifetime.

The Healthy Life Plan addresses sustainable lifestyle changes, rather than dieting, and helps people change lifelong patterns that are preventing them from living full lives. This system focuses on digestive health and the benefits of an efficient metabolism for weight loss and wellness, explains the connection between a lack of good sleep and weight gain and shows you what foods to eat in order to overcome tiredness.

The Healthy Life Plan is a completely natural solution to break free of your current personal barriers, whether they’re your food system, exercise, daily practices or, most importantly, your thinking and emotions. This course will give you the tools and knowledge to take control.

By completing this six-week online course, you will:

  1. Be inspired to create your own wellness goals and understand the compelling reasons to attain them.
  2. Find the motivation to exercise because you will understand the value of moving your body as a way to feel good about yourself.
  3. Learn how to create a balanced daily routine and understand why it is so important to your overall health.
  4. Use tools that will help you overcome emotional eating and build your motivation to achieve your goals.
  1. Learn how to implement simple strategies that will speed up your metabolism, boost your energy and make it easy to burn body fat without being on a diet.
  2. Have a formula to help you clean out your cupboards and restock them with healthy foods so that you can create a clean foundation for creating your compelling new future.
  3. Implement six daily practices that will revitalise your digestive system.
Join us for a transformational six weeks and gain massive momentum for being healthier and happier.

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