Feel More Comfortable with an Efficient Digestive System

In all my years of coaching people, what stands out the most is the relationship between vitality and a properly functioning digestive system. If you feel bloated or constipated, you will find it difficult to make healthy choices. On the other hand, I have seen many people shed body fat quickly and easily after bringing their unhealthy digestive system back into balance.

Quick facts about your digestive system

  1. It converts the food you eat into energy.
  2. It houses 70% of your immune system and rids the body of toxins.
  3. Nerve endings in your digestive system all lead back to your brain, so what you are thinking will have an impact on its’ efficiency.

Your metabolism is the engine room of your digestive system. With all these important duties, it should be no surprise that if your digestive system isn’t working efficiently, you’ll feel sluggish, gain weight easily, lack motivation and be more susceptible to illness.

Three Things that Disrupt the Efficiency of Your Digestive System

1. Being stressed slows down your metabolism.
It’s ironic that to speed up your digestive system, you first need to slow it down. The digestive tract operates like a muscle. It contracts and releases, and this is how food is passed through it. When you are stressed, you contract these muscles but you don’t release them. This stops the processing of food in your body. On the other hand, if you are relaxed and happy, this process happens quite naturally, and your digestive system gets moving.
2. A clogged colon disrupts the absorption of nutrients & weakens the immune system.
Maximum assimilation of nutrients in the digestive system can only happen if the intestinal walls are free of waste build-up. Also, the immune system loses its ability to clean if the pipes are blocked. Raw, fibre-rich foods provide a workout for the digestive system, getting things moving and speeding up the metabolism. Fibre-rich foods are generally plant foods such as fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, wholegrains and legumes.
3. An imbalance of the digestive bacteria
disrupts digestion and can create food

You don’t process your food; your digestive bacteria do.The digestive tract is a living ecosystem with billions of micro-organisms. These friendly bacteria regulate the digestive processes. Like any ecosystem, it thrives when the balance is right. But if it goes out of balance, the system doesn’t function as efficiently as it is designed to. This imbalance results in a lack of vitality. Many practices of the western diet destroy the good bacteria. This inevitably slows down the body’s metabolism. Common things that kill good bacteria in the body are,

  1. stress
  2. alcohol
  3. antibiotics and birth control pills
  4. steroids and hormone drugs
  5. coffee and tea
  6. food preservatives and additives.

What You Might See If You Could Look Within

Often, we are so busy rushing to eat our food that we don’t even think about it once it enters our mouth. Stop for a moment and consider the long term “effects of your bad habits.”

The long-term effect of stress means that food has to pass through a twisted, thin passage, slowing down the metabolising of food and evacuation of waste.

The long-term effect of not having enough fibre in the diet creates build-up on the colon wall and prevents your body from absorbing nutrients. Parasites thrive on the accumulated matter, and damaging toxins are released, weakening the immune system.

A Simple Formula to Support a Healthy Digestive System

Improve your health with the use of AIM high quality dietary supplements and nutritional concentrates.

Step 1. Balance the digestive bacteria.
Adding a probiotic supplement to your nutritional strategy will encourage the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. We recommend Aim Flora food.

Step 2. Feed the good bacteria.
Add an easily absorbed green plant food concentrate. We recommend Aim Barley Life as a complete source of nutrition. If you are gluten intolerant, this will still work for you because it is made from the grass of the plant, not the grain. One heaping teaspoon mixed in water or juice is the equivalent of a huge bowl of green vegetables. This truly is a fast food!

Step 3. Cleanse the digestive tract.
A fiber supplement used for a few months will help to cleanse your colon and re-shape it. We recommend Aim Herbal Fiberblend. It is best taken 15 minutes before your evening meal. It will leave you with a full feeling, which will lessen the urge to eat carbohydrates in your evening meal. It will also go to work cleaning your colon while you are sleeping.

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