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How do I find a coach?

We look forward to supporting you. Go to the find a coach section of this website and scroll through the coach profiles. If you are not sure whom to select then fill in your postcode and we will find a coach closest to you.

I am not in Australia. How will I be supported?

The Metabolic Clock is universal. We welcome you no matter where you live. Modern technology makes it easy to contact you via email and we phone you.

Why haven’t I received one of my weekly emails from The Healthy Life Plan Course?

If you have missed a module from the 6-Week Healthy Life Plan firstly check your spam filter just in case it is there. If not, then simply email us on the contact us page and we’ll send it over to you shortly.

How much weight will I lose in the six-week course?

Please be patient. The Metabolic Clock is not like any diet you have tried before. These healthy practices are a lifelong approach to your health and wellbeing. It’s the persistence of doing these practices that will bring you balance and sustainable weight loss. The key is to add healthy daily practices as a way of life, rather than rushing in and out of a diet.

I’m a vegetarian. Will this work for me?

Yes. It’s important that vegetarians to not swap wheat for meat. Our vegetarian recipes all contain non-meat protein. Protein dulls the appetite.

I am gluten intolerant. Will this work for me?

Yes. There are many recipes that are gluten free and information to support the creation of a healthy digestive system.

I am a diabetic. Will this work for me?

Yes. The recipes are diabetic friendly.

I am a shift worker. Will this work for me?

If you are a shift worker you may need to try different routines depending on your specific shifts. Often shift workers come off shift, eat a large meal and then sleep. One suggestion is flip this and have your sleep time before you go to work, no matter what time of the day this is. Sleep, wake-up and eat and then go to work.

Is there an App or mobile version of the 6-week Healthy Life Plan Course?

This is in the development pipeline, so check back with us soon.

I don’t have a credit card, how else can I pay?

You are welcome to pay by bank deposit. Please email us on the contact us page and we will email you our bank details. We look forward to you joining us.

What happens if I miss an installment?

If you miss an installment then notify us via the contact us page. We will contact you so that you can get started again.

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