About Julie Rennie

Julie Rennie is an author and health and wellbeing speaker
Through her bestselling book, The Metabolic Clock, and uplifting workshops, Julie has inspired thousands of people to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She shows just how easy it is to change lifelong patterns and live life to the full.

With a background as an elite athlete, a motivation coach to Olympic athletes and corporate trainer, Julie lives her life passionately according to her own personal philosophy:

“No matter what is happening in your life, it’s important to be kind to yourself. When you are being loving, it’s so much easier to take good care of yourself.’”

Julie is available for corporate events and as a free speaker to community groups. Leave her a message on the contact section of this website.
  • Julie is an engaging speaker who has the wonderful ability to connect with her audiences and pass on her message in a warm and friendly way. I have used her at numerous events and have always found her to be professional, reliable and willing to give anything a go. Julie is natural, down to earth and just plain lovely. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her for any speaking opportunity.— Kathryn McGrath, Festival Co-ordinator,
    Exhibitions & Events Australia

A message from Julie

Since the launch of The Metabolic Clock book in February 2011, I have toured the country and met thousands of people at libraries, community groups, corporations and Mind–Body–Spirit events. It has been insightful for me to learn about the weight-loss and health challenges that people face today.

When I was growing up, it was rare to see an overweight kid and degenerative diseases were for the elderly. Today, there are so many options available for people to lose weight yet, as a nation, we still haven’t succeeded in beating the 21st century disease of obesity. Where did we go wrong? Slowly, over many years – and in part due to our busy lifestyles – we have lost some simple health values. We are now paying the ultimate price with sluggish metabolisms, diminished health and weight gain.

Most people think that dieting is all about heavy exercise and starvation. One lady told me that if she saw another professional who told her she needed to exercise hard for one hour every day, she would punch them. She had injuries to both her knees and found walking difficult – how could she even contemplate exercise? Unfortunately, she gave up even trying to lose weight and be healthy.

Of course, there are still thousands of people who try the next diet, potion, pill or shake with moderate success for the short term. But why go to the effort of being on a diet or training hard only to revert back to the lifestyle that wasn’t working for you in the first place?

Fad diets and products that promise quick weight loss can unbalance your metabolism, leaving you feeling sluggish. In order to achieve weight loss over the long term, the key is to create a healthy, balanced, daily routine that you can sustain. The Metabolic Clock shows you certain lifestyle changes that can make an amazing difference to your life. It guides you to weight loss and improved health as a way of life. ‘Balance in all things.’

These healthy practices are a lifelong approach to your health and wellbeing. It’s not about rushing in and out of a diet. It’s about being consistent. By gradually incorporating these practices into your daily life, you will bring about balance within yourself and sustainable weight loss.

I hope you enjoy this healthy lifestyle, which I have lived for over 10 years.

Why I created The Metabolic Clock

As a busy working mum I was approaching middle age and was slowly gaining weight every year that I justified with the aging process. After another busy day at work I came home feeling sorry for myself. I felt exhausted and was too disorganized to cook a healthy dinner. I decided that a glass of wine and some chocolate would make me feel better. This had become a very common lifestyle choice that I was making. The truth was that it made me feel guilty.

My thoughts went like this...”I should be exercising, I need to be healthier, why can’t I get organized, why can’t I get motivated to diet, I must stop drinking so much alcohol, why am I feeling so bloated and sluggish"...and on it went. I didn’t want to go to bed because I felt frustrated with myself and I knew that as soon as my head hit the pillow my negative thoughts would take over spiraling me into a restless night of self-judgement.

After yet another sleepless night I thought - “I don’t need another diet I need a lifestyle that works for me.” Diets only work when you are on them and I did not want to be on a diet for the rest of my life. This decision led me to amazing discoveries about my health and wellbeing. I realized that my lack of motivation came from negative thoughts about myself. The first thing I learnt was how to create empowering self-talk that has become my motivation rocket fuel.

Research led me to an ancient system of medicine and healing that creates harmony between your mind, your body and the forces of nature. I applied the principles of this ancient wisdom to achieve balance in my hectic Western lifestyle. To my surprise I also lost weight without trying. Quite by accident I had discovered how to speed up my metabolism that gave me more energy and I burnt body fat easily. I then found scientific research to verify that our body has natural cycles that control and manage appetite, energy, mood, libido and sleep. These are called circadian rhythms and when out of balance nothing feels right and when in balance we are at our best.

This system really suited me because I didn’t have time to count calories, I had no energy to exercise and I loved my food too much to drink shakes or go on a diet. What I found was by getting my energy up first I felt like exercising and I needed less sleep, which meant I had more time for me.

The Metabolic Clock will give you a lifetime of health and wellbeing. It’s like a health blueprint. You might occasionally step out of this lifestyle, but I guarantee you will go right back to it because you will want to re- gain the feeling of wellbeing that this lifestyle will give you. If you want to know how to be healthy and live with more balance then you will love the simplicity of The Metabolic Clock. I have shared this information with thousands of people either personally or at seminars and events with amazing results. It’s simple...try it for yourself. How else will you know if it works for you unless you try it?

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