The Healthy Life Plan - Six-Week On-line Course

Based on the best selling book The Metabolic Clock by Julie Rennie, the Healthy Life Plan six-week course has everything you need to get started and keep you on track with your new healthy lifestyle. This six-week course has simple strategies to get organized and create healthy daily practices. It includes powerful motivation techniques that make it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also give you a complete eating plan that shows you what to eat and when in order to speed up your metabolism for easy weight loss and improved health.

Each week, for six weeks, you will receive via email:

  1. A video lessen
  2. Downloadable pages to create your Healthy Life Plan journal
  3. An mp3 audio download to listen to
  4. Member access to the Metabolic Clock recipes and meal planner
  5. A phone call from one of our lifestyle coaches

Make the shift from diets to a healthy lifestyle today!

  1. Lose weight naturally and easily
  2. Feel more energised
  3. Live with more balance
  4. Create empowered thinking
  5. Learn to love yourself
  6. Feel more comfortable
  7. Enjoy healthy, delicious food

Give yourself the gift of time and create your Healthy Life Plan. Get started NOW!

Option 1 - The six-week Healthy Life Plan course includes 15 minutes of coaching each week and is $295.

$295 Payment Only through PayPal

Option 2 - 3 payments of $105 (includes part-payment processing fee)

$105Payment installment Only through PayPal


  • The Healthy Life Plan - Six-Week On-line Course (With 45 minutes of coaching each week)
  • Motivation for Positive Change Workshop
  • This complete food system makes it easy to prepare delicious, healthy meals that will speed up your metabolism.

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