Success Stories

  • "I had a lot of weight to lose and the thought of dieting for 6 months was a roadblock to getting started. The most powerful part of the Healthy Life Plan for me was the 21-Day Lifestyle Challenge. This is what got me started and created the momentum to achieve the results, which I previously thought were not possible. This system is now a way of life for me and allows me to experience living to its fullest. So, if you can relate to my story, I highly recommend the Healthy Life Plan to you, as like me it might just have the answer that you may be searching for."
    — Paul

  • Making better choices...

    "I purchased this course as I not only wanted to find out more about what food gave me more energy, but also for assistance in my weight control. I was eating less, but not losing the weight, had no energy for exercising and no matter how many sit ups/crunches I did, I still had the swollen belly area. Diabetes is also a factor that I wanted to avoid, as it is common in my family. I was able to take direction of my bad eating habits. Making better choices of the food I ate which would give me the nutrients without the bloated, craving symptoms and other health issues. It was great to plan ahead to ensure that I did not binge or eat on the run, but also to educate me on the best times to eat certain food groups. My body has changed and the weight loss is evident which in itself builds my confidence to do more. I feel healthier, stronger and have more energy. I would recommend anyone looking for direction and inspiration to join the journey. I've even started to cook again."
    — Meleveti Utatao

  • Ideas to keep yourself motivated...

    "I am 39 years old with three children, three retail businesses and a busy husband. Our life is great but I had let some things creep up on me, namely my alcohol consumption and my lack of attention to my digestive health. I decided I needed to change my ways but was having trouble motivating myself. In just six weeks of the Metabolic Clock course I have learned so much. I feel the benefits already from even just a few small changes. I tried the protein snack mid-afternoon and it worked! No munchies at 5pm! Also, I had my measurements done and I have lost centimeters off my waist. It is inspiring. Julie is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and what to eat and when. She has fantastic ideas to keep yourself motivated and I now know that every little positive step I make counts. I have now started a journey to better health and wellbeing, which I know I will continue."
    — Perri McCarthy

  • I realize it’s me who chooses the way I Live...
    "Before starting this course I had the misconception that looking after yourself and being healthy was incredibly hard work. Was I wrong! I shed 7 kilos in 9 weeks without dieting. The Metabolic Clock has helped open my eyes, clear my head and I realize it’s me who chooses the way I live my life."
    — Scott

  • "Thank you so very much for guiding me with your great wisdom through The Metabolic Clock. You have given me healthy and magic food for my mind, body and soul. Nothing will ever be the same again. So thank you again for everything, it has been a most enjoyable experience.”
    — Orna

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